Fantastic Contraption

by Let's Talk Daggers

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Released on the prestigious Tangled Talk label, Let’s Talk Daggers’ latest effort is an all-out musical assault from start to finish - imagine the technical approach of The Fall Of Troy and Rolo Tomassi, meeting the sardonic, deadpan vocal delivery (with a sharp sense of adventure and fun) of Blakfish, Shapes and The James Cleaver Quintet, and the invention, experimentation and all-guns-blazing brutality of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and you’re somewhere close to the jaw-dropping effort that is ‘Fantastic Contraption’.


released March 25, 2013

Jamie Francis, William Gunson & Steven Berwick.



all rights reserved


Let's Talk Daggers Eastbourne, UK

Let's Talk Daggers have managed to shatter the usual conventions of hardcore punk and walk away with something dark, deranged and fascinating. - Kerrang! (KKKK)

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Track Name: The Bear Of Bad News
Roger Daltrey said he can’t explain of a feeling, hot and cold, inside his soul.
One thing left and I can’t figure this. One thing in my head is round and about.
Is it love or a drugged up feeling inside of me?
Can’t explain.
This time I tried. It’s not enough.
Turned the tap, there’s nothing coming.
We thought our luck was running out,
No bath for us tonight.
Hadn’t topped up gas in weeks,
But I checked it just in case.
Can’t believe the luck I found,
EMCR available.
No. Can’t explain this feeling.
Isn’t this just the best I ever had,
From my toes to my cranium.
Two pence spent in me old man’s bin.
Splash around in the dolphin rain.
Content with a capital E, with the Orcs and the Elves and the Mumakil.
Track Name: Round & About
Round and about
We missed the train by seconds flat.
Stranded in the lanes. We were left out in the cold.
Sunday service don’t like us.
I said that karma don’t like us.
Round and about. Dead girlfriend.
Back and forth we wonder why there’s nowhere we can stay.
Twenty-four-hour cafe, we were getting turned away.
Sleeping on a climbing wall, tarpaulin duvet best of all. Best of all.
Could not sleep, we did not think that our night would end like this.
Too late it has come to this. Tomorrow.
Get to work, turn up late. Walking to running I have nothing left in me today.
Dillinger did not trust us, Sleeping in their tour bus.
They didn’t even ask us - why we’re staying out tonight.
Round and about. Dead girlfriend.
What the fuck were we meant to do?
Back and forth we wonder why there’s nowhere we can stay.
Track Name: #1 Spicy Bugger
In my heart there is no wasted space and the thoughts you know are lost and falling, fallen.
Look at the ghost of your past.
Count the lies.
Novel of unintegrity,
A work of fiction.
A thousand bottles on the floor.
Hundred stories to die.
I’ve got to change them. The times are changing. This is a bagpiper.
A thousand people dancing, rolling on the floor.
We found a place to live. That fucking hurt.
Is that your fucking story?
You have no tales to tell.
Your life is broken and your bruises they can tell.
Is that your story?
No tales to tell.
Your life is broken and your bruises they can bloody tell.
Track Name: No Business Being Alive
Butcher with no mistakes,
White lies behind closed doors?
What we ever knew,
Broken and nothing is it.
It’s it. What is it?
These weeks feel like seconds.
These seconds we know were never well spent.
Feelings are aligned.
Your words were never safe.
We know what we ever know.
Privacy is a long lost friend.
What you say is never safe.
Get set. What is it?
Your words were never safe.
For the last time.
Private C. is a long lost friend.
What you say is never safe.
If this is your dream, Where is the end?
This is the way that you map out your life.
No, boy.
What we know is what we know,
As far as you know you will go.
What we know is what we know,
The walrus dragged down for this guy.
What we know is what we know,
Salt and V for an extra B.
Your friends are not your friends.
Track Name: Have a Gabble
So, what’s this shit about you breaking your silence?
You keep your fucking mouth shut.
I’ll keep your fucking mouth so shut...
...and you keep motioning to all your bald friends.
I think you would only go and forget.
Forget. Forget.
Your way of life.
Your robe. Your head. You speak, you’re dead.
So thank you. All the same.
You lie. You cheat. You steal. You pray.
You might want to know what this has to do with me.
You might not find out and that’s the way it has to be.
You run your life-like life like it really means a thing.
Deposit orange clothes in a bin to build a fire in.
Burn. Forget you.
Turn forty-two.
Burn. Forget you.
When did you sign up for the newsletter?
No catch at all.
You’re wrong and thus, a fucking bellend.
You weren’t conscious when we asked to make a choice.
Make a choice.
You weren’t conscious when we asked to make a choice.
Make a choice. Make a choice. Make a choice.
Make a choice. Make a second choice.
Initiation. Ritual investigation. Another station which you never dare to question.
We’ll see how you do when your life has straightened out.
What will you do when your daddy doesn’t give a fuck?
So, what’s this shit about you breaking your neck?
I know times change but that is... That is fucking careless.
I guess I’m feeling kind of sad about the news.
But if you think it through next time, there is no next time.
Wheelchair. We don’t care. Weird hair.
Track Name: Hummannequin
Bullied all his life. Brought it on himself...
...and we just sat and watched it.
Fractured skull. It was some sick joke.
I said it was wrong. I know it was wrong.
If it helps, I’d take it back but it’s not enough.
And I don’t want your life.
What I’m saying - Don’t try to impress me.
They thought it was funny.
You spent your time trying to impress me.
Was it funny? I don’t know.
Now it’s set in stone.
Given time to respond, would you turn it around, bey?
I could tell by the look in his eye.
Given time to respond, would you turn it around?
You can tell by the one-eyed walrus.
Can we take it from the start?
Can we turn back time?
We drew our friendship back to the start.
Liar Lark. Liar Lark.
You can’t change who you are.
And I see no change. Just know...
I know I’ve been a very lucky boy.
I don’t need a new page.
This chapter’s coming to an end.
I didn’t think so. He didn’t think so.
This is not right.
Liar Lark. Liar Lark.
You can’t change who you are.
You’ve got to make the change. Make a change. Make a change.
Liar Lark. Liar Lark.
You can’t change who you are.
Can we just do this, Watford?
Can we please see it to the end.
This could be a fine example of a society that’s raised then fucked itself into a self-pitying wallow in space.
There’s always been a problem with the control panels of this flying space-ship.
So this is how it goes.
Or not, you would know.
You deserve a jail.
For your stupid, perfect mind.
Track Name: Footnotes
Let’s burn this one down.
It’s like any other story, maybe?
You’re turning your back more.
I wouldn't even get a second glance.
This is power in it’s weakest form.
Carve the wooden brain that’s not as big as yours.
This is one way.
Run the right way.
Turning tables. You or I now seem to deliver it.
Relieving feelings in a happy way.
Tidying money for the next day.
I can’t believe where we are.
Just like the honest and suspicious parts of me.
Well, I can’t decide. If it works then I’m stuck here for the time.
Running from the time.
Well, there just seems to be a problem. So you could just cry.
Carry thoughts. Carry thoughts along.
Yellow teeth and the worried mind.
Carry thoughts along.
There’s a cool breeze chapping my lips.
Nostalgic homely sips. Remember, Tom?
Remember that walk? It seemed forever.
Reaching through a single day-dream.
I must have not been looking clear.
You left the car for a while, feeling burnt.
Call your friends up.
Dig me that hole.
Breeding faster. Desire.
It’s a beautiful life.
Dig me that hole.